Town Of Moraga

FY 2019/20 Operating Budget – June 12, 2019

Town Council reviewed and discussed the preliminary FY 2019/20 $10.3 million operating budget. Thanks to the scheduled receipt of the $2.65 million Federal reimbursement for the temporary Canyon Road bridge project, both this year and next year’s projected year-end General Fund Reserve meets the 50% level recommended by Town policy. The Council was able to fund the following discretionary programs: storm drain operations and maintenance; comprehensive wireless ordinance update; two internships; an unfunded pension liability study; and Mullholland Ridge maintenance. The budget also includes funding that is being set aside for a potential revenue measure. The budget does not provide full funding of the Town’s infrastructure needs. To better determine the Town’s unfunded needs, FY 2019/20 includes projects to: 1) identify any additional expenditure reductions; 2) quantify the Town’s current and aging infrastructure funding needs and shortfalls based on analysis conducted by subject matter experts on storm drains and asset replacement; and 3) conduct an unfunded pension liability obligation study. The budget adjustments requested by the Town Council will be incorporated into the final budget document including the Capital Improvement Program budget reviewed on May 22, and presented for consideration and adoption at the June 26, 2019 regular meeting.

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