Town Of Moraga

Public Records Act Requests

Before contacting the Town about a Public Records Act request, please review the Finding Information page for documents and records that can be downloaded immediately and free of charge.

To search for Town Council meeting Agendas, Minutes and video recordings, click here.

The Town of Moraga provides access to public records to comply with the California Public Records Act (Government Code Sections 6250-6276.48) and other laws, and to be open and transparent.

Anyone may ask to obtain copies of public records in the Town’s possession. Requests should be in writing and for a specific, identifiable document.

The Town Clerk is responsible for receiving and responding to requests for public records. She can respond to your request most efficiently when you contact her through one of these methods.





329 Rheem Blvd. Moraga, CA 94556

The Town will provide the requested documents within 10 days days of receipt of your request or advise you, in writing, of any exemption from disclosure or delay in providing the information and when it will be made available.

Please contact the Contra Costa Clerk Recorder’s Office for information on the following public documents:

• Marriage licenses
• Birth and Death Certificates
• Fictitious Business Names
• Recordation of Documents
• Passport Applications