Town Of Moraga



Moraga Center Specific Plan

In 2010, the Town of Moraga approved a Specific Plan for the Moraga Center area. The plan includes provisions for both residential and commercial development.  For additional information please refer to the Moraga Center Specific Plan.

Rheem Center

Retail and office uses are both permitted in the Rheem Center area. Efforts are currently underway to streamline the approval process and revitalize the shopping center. For additional information please contact the Economic Development Team at



Saint Mary’s College is located in the Institutional land use district. The requirements for this district are set out in MMC Chapter 8.56.


Open Space

The Town of Moraga contains two open space land use districts. The districts are commonly referred to as MOSO and non-MOSO open space. MOSO stands for the Moraga Open Space Ordinance that was passed by the voters in 1986. Agriculture is the permitted use in both open space districts but other uses such as low density single-family residential development can be approved with a conditional use permit. Please see MMC Chapter 8.52 and the MOSO Guidelines for additional information.